March 15, 2012

Mad As March Hare: GCB to Queen V

It’s time for March round up. First, we continue to mourn the end of the Downton season. But one must cope, be it by reading Ms. Georgette Heyer or by turning to other television shows. And that is how I found GCB.

For starters if Kristin Chenoweth is in it, I will watch it. High brow it is not but one would be hard pressed to find a better show to watch with a glass of tempranillo on a Sunday evening after junior members of the household are asnooze in their cozy beds. GCB is great fun thanks to catty big-haired Neiman Marcus-clad cast of characters.

From Queen B to Queen Victoria. I started watching “Mrs. Brown” in my Netflix queue with Dame Judi Dench portraying the Queen. What about the mysterious Scotsman John Brown? I investigated. Turns out John Brown was indeed a great favorite with the Queen. Despite much speculation the exact nature of the Scottish servant and his Queen will never be known. How about them Victorians.

Lastly, my hip NYC friend Anne alerted me to the arrival of the West Coast’s Blue Bottle Coffee. Would you look at this beauty? This is not a coffee machine, it is a steampunk work of art from a mad scientist’s lab with coffee aroma percolating all around! (P.S. Anne assures me that the establishment’s coffee lives up to the hype).

Photo credit: Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

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