November 11, 2011

Mon-Fri Medley of Topics

Kids Books Month was a blast and I intend to revisit that topic in the near future. But in the meantime I have quite neglected the Klatch over the past week. Change of clocks in the fall always gets me down. But I am here to make amends. So here is an assortment of topics that has preoccupied me over these past days:

On Monday I pondered the popularity of Klatch post on artist Sonia Delaunay, thought written months ago it gets a steady trickle of traffic. I do wonder if writings on great artists like Sonia are scarce? Note to self: highlight another perfectly modern dame in November.
a lithograph - costume design by Sonia Delaunay
Unnamed Lithography by Sonia Delaunay (source:
On Tuesday I poked around HelloGiggles, the girliest of websites from Zooey Deschanel.

Hello Giggles from Zooey Deschanel
Hello Giggles founders
[Warning, if you are not a fan of unpleasant topics, move right along past Wednesday’s topic].

On Wednesday I wondered what happen to Sylvia Plath. I know what happen to her, but wanted to know a bit more about her and the road that took her to stick her head in the oven at age 30. Almost wish I did not read up about Plath’s biography. Sylvia’s two toddlers were sound asleep in their cots while their mama busied herself in the kitchen on that fateful morning. But it didn’t end there. Assia, Sylvia’s estranged husband’s lover, also killed herself and her four-year-old daughter by turning on the gas stove. Decades later Sylvia’s son hung himself. This saga really bothers me to the core. Sylvia might be a Klatch topic in the future, once I actually read the Bell Jar and make amends with their tale.

Assia Wevill and Shura
Assia Wevill and little Shura

On Thursday I found out about Weirdsister College, British TV series about college for witches. It sure smacks of Hogwarts but it is not on Netflix. Does anyone know where I can watch it online and if it is any good?

Today on Friday I am thinking about shadow puppets. Perhaps not as elaborate as this Victorian version, but I anticipate we will be entertaining ourselves by staging a play over Thanksgiving break, will keep you posted!

Victoria Looking Shadow Puppets
These remind me of Lemony Snickets!
Unitl next Klatch - what strange esoteric topics have you been thinking about?

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