March 6, 2012

The Lake House

For months now I've been meaning to post these photos from lake house visit last fall. In the midst of daily chaos (did you expect Modern Klatch called a day spa home?) I long for the calm of the log cabin over the lake. And fried green tomatoes.

A word about said tomatoes and this is where things get weird. My cousin's cabin isn't in the Dixie but the green tomatoes were abound. She ingeniously turned an abandoned tennis court into a kitchen garden. We picked enormous tomatoes in the cool late fall and it felt like a visit to Mrs. Haversham, if she ever took up gardening that it. Oddly in the middle of this wilderness kitchen was stocked with buttermilk and cornmeal, so naturally we made amazing fried green tomatoes.

The cabin is lovely.  One drives past corn fields and turns left after passing the third herd of cows, onto an unpaved road.  Inside are rustic logs, well stocked book shelves, and wonderful coffee.

The lake is wild - it was such a high zipping around!

Is there anything better than a fall walk through the rustling leafs?

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