March 2, 2012

Guilty-Pleasure Books

I would like to be the person that reads Proust for pleasure. But most days meaningful reading is out of the question. So I find myself on a quest for easy reads that one would not be embarrassed to hold in public or mortified to read in private (my self-esteem is still recovering from reading the first 50 pages of smutty The Other Boylen Girl). Think Pride & Prejudice and Cold Comfort Farm.

Then I found Georgette Heyer. The Grand Sophy was my gateway book. Regency Buck, The Corinthian, and Arabella followed, each with a decisive and eligible heros and heroines full of pluck What the books lack in originality of plot, they make up for in delicious twists and turns of Regency courting. Historic accuracy and correct language keep her books on the right side of tawdry.

Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer

Though Ms. Heyer was prolific, the search for more light reads continues. Next on my list are Lucia & Mapp.

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