October 1, 2011

Kids Books Month!

Today on Modern Klatch I am kicking off kids books month. I am really not sure if there is an actual month dedicated to children’s literature but October seemed like a perfect month if there ever was one. 

Thought Modern Klatch is decidedly not a ‘mommy blog’ this month is dedicated to my boys, Binka and Bookie. As you may have seen from many past posts, I enjoy books and everything about them. Though not always a disciplined reader tackling books I ought to, reading makes me happy.  Cozying up to reread an old favorite, digging through the stacks of used books, flipping through reviews in New York Times, taking kids for our usual library visit.  So the point is I want to pass on love of reading to my sons and this month Klatch will be chock full of kids books!

Please join us – I hope you will check out some of our favorites and send me your beloved titles.

Penguin Books Wrapping Paper
It's Penguin wrapping paper!

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