October 9, 2011

Favorite Books: Dina's List

Did you enjoy Cactus Hotel from Eve and Betty Bunny from Shannon? Today I am sharing my friend Dina’s picks. Dina has impeccab le taste and over the years has introduced us to some favorites (including Tomten!). When I mentioned the month devoted to children’s books, Dina rattled off some of her favorites:

Dina’s first pick is Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. She liked it for “the fun of the voices you can do and the cuteness of the stories.” I initially thought that Sal was a boy (and the cover did not indicate otherwise!). Alas Sal is a little girl that follows a mother bear in the Maine woods while picking blueberries. Perfect for the next trip to Southwest Harbor, no?

Owl Babies is about little fluffy birdies worrying about their owl mom. 
is about little fluffy birdies worrying about their owl mom.

Another recommendation featuring an owl, albeit a less likable one, is Poppy. The book’s hero is a brave mouse and it is an epic story with a dash of romance for good measure. These series are for the set who are a few years out of Pre-K.

Another beautifully illustrated pick is Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes. Here is a delicious sampling:

Oh my goodness, oh my dear
Sassafras and ginger beer
Chocolate cake and apple punch
I'm too full to eat my lunch!

Terrier or possibly mutt Harry Maclary hails from New Zealand. Harry Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy is the first book in the series by Lynley Dodd. The cast of characters includes dachund Schnitzel von Krumm, Dalmatian Bottomley Potts, and a sheepdog Muffin McClay.

Dina also suggested Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. This book is about a china rabbit of uncommon depth (especially for a porcelain figurine). The rabbit is lost and in his travels discovers a lot about life.

This is a gentle book about all the places and all the people with wonderful landscaples.

Children's Books All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachan

Dina said “anything by Peter Sìs.” The Amazon delivered search results that included The Wall: Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain, The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin, and Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei. I was impressed. But there were also simple and gorgeous Dinosaur and Fire Truck.

Children's books Dinosaur by Peter Sis

Thanks Dina! A few more of her recommendations are coming later this month.

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