October 19, 2011

Online Storytime

We try to read to kids as much as we can, re-reading our favorites and now trying to make our way through our first true chapter book (Moomins!). But sometimes you just don’t have enough hours in the day. What if you could occupy your spun in a constructive way and buy yourself some time to pack lunches/respond to an after-hours work email/catch up on Huff Post? Interested? Read on.

B&N Storytime is awesome. Authors themselves (and some celebrities) read kids books. B&N adds a new book each month. Right now there are fewer than twenty choices but they are all solid favorites – Pinkalicious, Splat the Cat, Where the Wild Things Are. Yes, they are marketing books, but is it really the worst thing if your kid begs for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Another place for online story time is Storyline Online. Screen Actors Guild members read kids books, putting their acting prowess into the reading. When Pigasso Met Mootisse was our favorite! Sean Austin (one of the Hobbits) reads A Bad Case of Stripes. Other readers include Al Gore, Amber Rose Tamblyn, and Betty White.
We Give Books is a neat take on literacy and philanthropy. The program was created by the good folks at Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation. For each digital book you read, a book will be donated to one of the leading literacy groups.

The last pick is from the Library of Congress. Digitized books from around 1900s have amazing illustrations!

More picks to come later this week!

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