September 24, 2011

Wine Robot

It's been a while since I've written about tasty wines and last weekend's trip to Middleburg, VA afforded me with excellent material.  For uninitiated, when in Middleburg one might imagine that fox hunting and horse riding is business as usual. It is also in the middle of Virginia wine country.  A shining beacon of the main street was the sleek Tasting Room...

The main feature of the small and sparse tasting room is a large contraption, a wine-dispensing robot. The impressive Italian machine uses nitrogen to block oxygen from wine. Think wine-loving rocket-scientist set loose. Armed with a wine-card we circled the Wine Robot like sharks, making our picks.

Tasting Room in Middleburg Virginia Wine Country - Nitrogen Wine Storage

There is so much to love about red wine, nothing compares, except maybe a great white wine.  And Italians do a good red wine - it is hard to find its equal, except maybe French.  And Argentina.  Oh, Spain too.  I digress....

This Barbera (excuse me, Paolo Scavino Barbera d'Alba) left an impression. A big bowl of juicy cherries. And it tasted extra special, thanks to the nitrogen.

Paolo Scavino Barbera d'Alba from Italy

I promise, more wine posts to come soon and mark your calendar for Beaujolais Nouveau celebration in November.

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