December 17, 2011

[Virtual] Macaroons

Speaking of cookies, my first cookie of the season is macaroon. This is unchartered territory for me but it just seemed kismet – the recipe from Danny Macaroons in November Food & Wine could not be more easy, not to mention that macaroon is sort of perfect for Christmakah.

And Danny didn’t let me down. I got my mise en place ready to go – simple enough, coconuts, egg whites, and condensed milk. The latter, I am sure, is what made the macaroons so moist and gave them a caramel-ly flavor, but I get ahead of myself.

macaroons from Food & Wine by Danny Macaroons
Getting all ingredients organized is a luxury reserved for weekends!

I used a little cookie scoop to get my macaroons as round as possible.  And they were perfect little mounds, mostly.  

Note the raindeer handcrafted by Mr. ModernKlatch out of art canvas extra parts that noone knows what to do with.
After baking for 25 minutes the macaroons were just a bit browned.  Roasted coconut has a devine caramel flavor but, to be on the safe side, baking time in my oven is more like 20-22 minutes.

The browned parts were the best bit, actually.

Final step, bottoms of the macaroons got a little dip in dark chocolate melted in a double boiler (just a little bowl over pot with boiling water to keep chocolate from burning).  I managed not to burn my fingers on steam this time, bonus.
Upside down macaroons drying.
Stay tuned for more from the virtual cookies - and if you want to join, send along yours (a photo of the cookie with recipe or story).

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