December 20, 2011

Nigella's by Nicole

These Cranberry White Chocolate & Almond creations came from my colleague and friend Nicole with a little help from Nigella Lawson. But before we talk cookies, lets talk about thoroughly modern dame Nigella. Did you know she is 50?  Yes!! Five-O. According to my sources (Wikipedia) Nigella comes from a seriously well-heeled background. She has a dozen or so books to her name.  And she is ridiculously gorgeous.  Nigella, I heart you.

But back to Nicole's cookies. She told me that recipe actually called for pecans but not having any on hand she improvised and added almonds.

And here is the proof that cookies did come from Nicole's kitchen, not Nigella's.

Thanks Nicole! Still a few more cookies in store and be sure to check out Angela's Awesome Creations and my macaroons (which are gone already!).

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