May 13, 2012

May:Bookish Picks

I love books, is it not obvious? So May's picks are about books of all different kinds.

First, of course we must mention The Wild Things. Even with a twinge of sadness, it is magical.  There is a version read by the author on B&N Storytime. Good-bye, Maurice Sendak.

My other favorite is In The Night Kitchen.
Onto cookbooks. I've been pondering BabyCakes from Erin McKenna - cupcakes and cookies, gluten-free and mostly vegan. But more about that later this month.

Xanthan Gum has firmly established itself in my vocabulary

I am about half-way through E.F. Benson's Queen Lucia. Setting: Provincial English town between the two World Wars. Cast of characters includes a Guru/Curry Cook, an opera diva, and brash sisters Ursy and Hermy. It is hilarious, get your free e-copy from Gutenberg!

Lastly, I ran across DailyLit website that delivers books, mostly free, into your inbox or reader in itty-bitty chunks. Perhaps it is time to tackle Proust after all.

More of my book picks are here

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