May 20, 2012

Learned Tot: Human Body

Gotta be honest, anatomy is not my favorite subject. Reading about pancreas is a sure way to lose one's appetite. Thankfully human body subject is often covered in preschool.  Here are a few of our favorite resources.

"Can you please get me swine flu?"  You don't hear that every day. But several of these plush guys, including the ever-precious brain cell, made it to our Amazon wish list. You can round out your tot's collection of cells with models of their favorite diseases - ulcer, herpes, gangrene, syphilis, pneumonia.
Parent Involvement: LOW but you may find yourself explaining a range of horrid diseases.

Of course this won't substitute Gray's Anatomy but the Skeleton floor puzzle is an accessible way to teach wee ones about major bones in the body. 
Parent Involvement: VARIES - depending on aptitude for puzzles and age.

Our latest download, Human Anatomy App (Free!). Some reviewers complain that 29 bones isn't nearly enough to learn about skull. But there is plenty to introduce major muscle groups and digestive system to the tot and pick up a thing or two yourself.

Parent Involvement: HIGH

"I want a statue of the brain!" We quite like the look of anatomy models around here, though they are itty-bitty for little hands to manipulate.

Parent Involvement: VARIES

We do not have any of The Magic School Bus books around here - junior Klatch set doesn't seem as keen on it, but I quite like the idea of a journey through the digestive system on a yellow bus.
Parent Involvement: HIGH, unless child is of reading age

Of course there is the inescapable Basher book that covers major body functions and structures and even DNA and T Cells in an engaging and easy to understand way.
Parent Involvement: HIGH, unless child is of reading age

Other useful links:

You might also enjoy Astronomy and  Geography resources.

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