April 21, 2012

Swiss Bakery

I've taken you to the Applehill Country Store and to the Asian mega mart. And as luck would have it just this morning we stumbled on The Swiss Bakery shop, a gem in the suburban strip mall tucked between a tae kwon do studio and a dry cleaner.

The bakery is bright and inviting, decked out in blonde wood, with a large family table in the middle and little nooks for a more cozy conversation. The Swiss Bakery is part pastry shop, part casual cafe, and also a supplier of all things Swiss. So with a coffee in hand, I explored.

Are Swiss known for coffee? This wasn't the most memorable cup of coffee, but tasty.

The mini beer barrels (or are these known as kegs?), perched underneath a wooden horn.

Jams and jellies neatly lined the shelves...


A huge glass case full of confections and creamy cakes....


...and of course cheeses and sausages.

Do you have unexpected treasures in your neighborhood?

1 comment:

  1. This place looks awesome! And so not what one would expect in the burbs... this gives me hope!:)

    Speaking of sausages, there is a local polish place in fells point that is worth the extra calories- Ostrowski of Bank Street: http://www.ostrowskiofbankstreetsausage.com/
    It's in a small rowhouse and is completely baltimore... polish style. They just started selling their stuff in the Safeway down the street, but its not nearly as fun.



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