November 16, 2011

Asian store

A couple month back I gushed about our visit to an old-school dry goods Apple Hill store.  This weekend we visited Great Wall supermarket and let me tell you, we might as well have journeyed to East Asia.

Look at these beauties, dragon fruit, persimmons, kumquats, pomegranates. Of course we bought some persimmons (they remind me of winter and transport back to being a kid) and dragon fruit to be daring a try something new. I should report that dragon fruit has quite a mild flavor that does not live up to its garish hot pink skin.

This here would be sugarcane, my friends. I've had sugarcane drinks before but am quite at a loss how to tackle this one. If you do, please let me know.

Canned goods with more exotic foods....

Sea Cucumbers which it would seem are quite valuable.  This section reminded me of Diagon Alley!

Exotic beverages with aloe vera....
The visit was an adventure in the middle of our quiet suburb, a stay-dventure.  Others in the store were just stocking up on pantry basics, making the visit all that much more memorable.

Okay, then!  We'll be back for panko crumbs, greet tea with roasted rice in it, and miso.

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