August 3, 2011

Country store

On a recent family visit to Ohio we made a customary stop at the Apple Hill dry goods store.  The store is well stocked and well priced, certianly below the prices of bulk section at Whole Foods.  Yet the shop has such old-fashioned simplicity about it that it takes your breath away - I am sure Chef Matt would have a field day. Pumpkin butter, grains, crunchy dried peas, my pantry is stocked full, thanks Apple Hill. 

Honey Jars Country Store
Jars of local Ohio honey (next to shelf of jellies with strawberry-rhubarb and pumpkin butter).

country store spices
Sacks of flour in stacked crates: whole wheat, rye, buckwheat.

The spice selection is impressive and surprising.  Looking for cinnamon? Of course, sticks and ground.  For something more exotic try coriander. I stocked up on dried tarragon.

Apple Hill Bulk Foods
Apple Hill Miller Bulk Foods - yes, places like that still exist.  In the fall they turn the yard into a pumpkin patch with bunnies and baby goats!

old fashioned candy
The old fashioned candy sticks display takes your breath away, it's like stepping back in time!


  1. Makes me want to move to the country.. almost!:) I have stopped at a country (ish) store on the way back from Ocean City a number of Times (Mill Country or something).. my favorite thing to buy are the bulk herbs and spices. I bought 16oz of curry powder for $3.00!

  2. Almost! The spices are amazing there. And also grains. I bought some almond flour this time, just need to decide what to make with it.



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