August 14, 2011

Going to the country...

And, yes, we ate a LOT of peaches. On the same trip to Ohio we made a habit of picking up produce at Aufdenkampe Family Farm. This farm actually overlooks the farm, talk about going to the source. Without minding such silliness as organic production we just filled up our bags full of fresh corn, green tomatoes, and amazing, unbelievable, juicy, scrumptious peaches (the peaches were good!).

Here are a few photos:

farm stand onions
Onions as l'object de art? Why not.

farm stand cucumbers, squash, green tomatoes
You can see the corn field just just behind the cucumbers and zinnias.

fresh corn from the farm
Freshly picked corn on the cob!

Aufdenkampe Family Farm
Aufdenkame Family Farm is an old-school operation, in the best possible way, but with modern day digital strategy.

beautiful sunflowers
Herbs, sunflowers, cucumbers, the bounty takes your breath away.


  1. mmmm... peaches; peach cobbler, peaches and cream, peach pie, peach ice cream. OK, sorry. I noticed your tag of "peasant food"- please elaborate!

    Our latest farm adventure was Blueberries back in early July

  2. Dani, HOW is it that I didn't know about Twinkle Toes?

    Yes, I see your point about peaches. Peasant Food - I did a post about Tuscan Kale/White Bean stew and buying veg at a farm stand makes me think of that sort of cooking.



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