August 24, 2011

Enchanted Forest

How was your commute home? On my way from work I often cut through a woodsy park, full of overgrown trees and ancient-looking ferns. Last week the commute home held a few surprises.  Remember Vilja? The only person in the park was a soprano belting out arias in the desolate gazebo.  Just a few steps later, a deer frozen in the green clearing, perhaps appreciating the singing.  Alas, no magic on the way home today.  Only pre-teens on bikes and dog-walkers. 

Here are a couple paintings that (partially) capture the feeling of enchantment.

Henri Rousseau, Tropical Forest with Monkeys, 1910
National Gallery of Art, John Hay Whitney Collection

Beech Forest by Gustav Klimt Vienna 1902
Gustav Klimt, Beech Forest, 1902
Finding a decent photo of the painting proved to be tricky - as I refuse to include image of a poster of the same painting.  I finally clipped this from web version of Klimt book by Gilles Neret.

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