April 12, 2011

Garden Pipe Dream

If you are seeking serious gardening advice, it really would be better to move right along to more credible publications. Gardening always appealed to my sensibilities in a romanticized sort of way. It is gentile and lovely, full of cabbage roses and swaying lavender, morning dew, elegant glass cloches, rustic but ever-so-graceful watering can, neatly organized seeds packets in a garden shed...

Though cabbage roses may not be in my gardening future, a modest herb garden seems to be just the thing. Undeterred by my actual spotty record of tending to plants, I boldly step into action. I am armed with seed staring soil and tiny cardboard pots. To up the ante I am starting my own seedlings.

As every venture, this herb garden began with Google. I industriously reviewed smart herb garden plans and learned about companion planting. One practical tip picked up along the way: cover seedlings with plastic wrap. Done.

Basil and Thyme: Clearly I have a neck for this!

Long and behold, mere days later my basil and thyme is starting to sprout. Lavender takes a few days longer but at last it is sprouting too. Already, I have visions of clipping bits of tarragon for my vinaigrettes and wonder if it’s wiser to freeze or dry excess supply of supple oregano. It doesn’t take long for my kitchen table to start resembling a mini-nursery.

Emboldened by my early success, I pick up more seed packets.

Seeds are "Guaranteed to grow" so it's a sure thing!
 I engage assistance of husband in surveying the expansive property for just the right spot to cultivate my herb garden. To be continued…


  1. It never ceases to amaze me the joy and anticipation that comes with raising a garden. I just got into it since moving to Charm City- using a cement canvas for my first shot and now a very limited space maybe 12x8 of which a quarter is plantable (and even less for annual vegetable/ herb excursions). This year I was placed on a waiting list for a community garden plot; they told me it could be years...

    Surprisingly, I have packed my back yard oasis with pots and filled in whatever ground space I could find- still leaving room for the patio table of course. This year I have tomatoes, basil, parsley, summer squash, and strawberries that are a success. The radishes, watermelon, cilantro, and beets have seen better days.

    If you haven't tried Rosemary I would highly recommend it; I started it last year, and now it is a very health bush... assuming you like Rosemary of course:) Happy hoeing

  2. I had no idea that you garden. I do have some rosemary coming up but nmothing like beets or watermelons. Send me some pics of your garden, I need to revisit gardening theme!



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