July 10, 2012

July: Subversive Picks From Placid Suburbs

Call them irreverent or maybe slightly naughty. Here are some things that have been on my mind as of late.

First this jar from Jonathan Adler. Trust me, that's not the cheekiest pick in this pottery collection. And if I need to explain to you what dolls are, than you need to look for "Valley of the Dolls."
Jonathan Adler Dolls Canister
I am thinking for bobby pins on the dresser -- or paper clips at the office.

No offense to fans, but I will not be reading Fifty Shades of Gray. Ever. But if you are looking for a subversive read this summer, Arthur Schnitzler is your guy. Schnitzler is closely linked with Freud and his books were torched in 1930s. Naturally he wrote in German. His writing is just as shocking today as it was nearly a century later. Remember Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut? Yes, that one is based on Schnitzler too.
Arthur Schnitzler Hands Around
Hands Around (Reigen) A slim volume is a series of ten dialogues, making a full circle.

I am a big fan of Mrs. Lilian's unapologetically decadent blog - and her bright cheery designs. Her recently released Cocktail Swatchbook quickly landed on my Amazon wish list because it is ever so cool and easy to follow even after your second cocktail. Don't be surprised to find one in your stocking this season, my boozy friends.
Mojitos and Juleps and Cosmos, oh my.
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