May 23, 2013

Learned Tot: SAT Prep for Kiddie Set

It all started with a word of the day on our daily commute. Simple words soon became more complex, inspired by view outside the car window: facade and obelisk, twilight and desolate. When it comes to vocabulary, one does not need a whole lot of special equipment, just remembering to make the time, five minutes at a time.

This is our kitchen wall. And meet Barnaby the Whale. A quart of chalkboard paint and some bistro-style chalk markers is all you need. It is also a solution for a white wall in need of a statement. At meal time, we point out the words and remember to work them into conversation.

For word ideas, just google "SAT Vocabulary List" - abhorrent anyone?

Endless Alphabet is the best app ever! And free. Silly monsters march, spell, and act out word definitions. New words are added all the time. Smallest tot loves "demolish" and who wouldn't like to see a monster scattering blocks all about?

Parent involvement - pretty much nonexistent after loading the app!

Yes, you could make your own flashcards. But these Big Word Flashcards are more awesome and they often come out at mealtimes. "Nincompoop" and "mollycoddle" have been very popular with our lot.
Parent involvement - for younger tots pretty high but in small time increments.

Last but not least, here are our a few of our favorite words to get you started:
  1. Petulant - applies in many situations and super useful when little brothers annoy you
  2. Shenanigans - see above
  3. Multiply 
  4. Nincompoop - no explanation needed
  5. Befuddled
  6. Hobnob
  7. Mediocre - a polite substitute in many sticky situations
  8. Extraordinary

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