September 24, 2012

Mom's Market Down the Street

Just days ago Mom's Organic Market opened its doors just two stop lights down the street from me. Mom's Organic is like Whole Foods' hipper little sister, slightly cooler and the type of appeal to a country general store shopper, even if a little less posh.

Let me tell you, WF may be bigger but it has nothing on Mom's when it comes to nut butters, non-dairy mayo, and a slew of other products that use to be just for the most crunchy set.

I hear coconut oil does wonders for baking. Send recipes, please.
Our tots were not fooled by the fetching display of radicchio and celery root.
Look at all this bounty! This display inspires one to cook just a bit healthier.
Best of all, the store has a formidable selection of raw, gluten-free, vegan, and otherwise atypical foods. No Twinkies here, friends.
Bob's Red Mill, a staple.

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