February 25, 2012

Wintering in San Francisco

Thought gardening is a new diversion for me, I’ve always enjoyed botanical prints on the brink of arts and science. On a recent trip to San Fran I discovered how the other coast winters -- as we use summer as a verb thought there is no crime in using winter as a verb also.

This is February? There is not much to say, really, so enjoy the photos.

No, this is not a visit to a gentile botanical garden, this is a city street just off Valencia.

Lush, lush city street.

I could not on good authority confirm that this is a cherry tree, but sure looked like it.

Where is Waldo? Mr. Modern Klatch did the photos for this post. Klatch's first-born and I were caught by the camera.


  1. Is that an Iris? A butterfly inside that white flower? I'm gambling on a spot in our community garden this year as my pot garden did not work so well in 2011. "Pot" garden as my 'vegetable' pot garden not the 5(?)leaf kind. Furthermore, with what we have been 'winterin' these past few months I've seen things sprout several times already. I knew I was supposed to prune earlier!

  2. That was the flower! Seems like you put a stick in the ground in Cali and it goes lush. I guess pot gardens is a polite term now that it is medicinal. I planted my tomato seeds, the great big experiment of the year.



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